The Collector in me..

yesterday was a great day, i received a box of cards, 1992-93 Upper deck to be exact and guess what world, i got me a Hologram Michael Jordan card, at a value of 12 dollars! inside the box, i also got 4 extra michael jordan cards. I also got a shaquille oneal rookie card, priced at 25.00 dollars! i paid 35 bucks for the box, and got back 82.62 dollars in total, all in Beckett prices. I feel so good about it, that i digged deep into my beckett and started to find rare MJ cards, i go to amazon, and poor people there dont know the real price, and i buy them! i have never done this, yesterday, i got another Shaq rookie card, and 2 MJ cards, all i paid was like 29 dollars, but in total, the cards cost almost 60 dollars. I will purchase 3 or 2 different boxes, but i will stop there, because i only got lucky once. I dont like to buy boxes unless in the beckett magazine, says that the box comes with extra Jordan cards, or Kobe, which are HIGH in price, and as the years go by, the prices increases. I know my wife must be furious, but, in the end, i will make some good money for them, or my daughter will, since i am planning to teach her everything about collecting, and how to keep them in MINT CONDITION. later on i will explain what MINT CONDITION/NEAR MINT CONDITION MEANS and all that, but for now, i’m still dreaming on the cards i got….they almost to die for! there is a deal im trying to make with some lady on amazon, because she has a box that cost almost 100 dollars, and im trying to get it from her for just 30 bucks. i hope this deal goes through, in the box, there is a rookie kobe bryant, and is listed at 50 or 60 dollars…she was selling just packs, but what are the chances of buying 5 packs and not getting what i need, which is that KOBE card? so, she says she has a box, and im going to try to get it. i hope this deal goes through…im praying everyday!! well, i must go now, gotta get ready for work….ugh, sucks, then i will call my wife. I was thinking of Switching Hobbies, from buying video games to collect again, i will make up my mind, i only want 2 hobbies. Laterz!


counting down the days…idea fairy on my back

today this sand bag ordeal was dumb…but, it was quick…in a matter of 2 hours, we build a strong foundation. I do not know what is going on on this e-7 head, he comes up with ideas, what me and others like to call “fairy idea people”, this people are folks that come up with useless and tireless work, for their own visions of security, improvement and whatever they think will benefit the unit. we call them “idea fairies” because of the simple purpose that they just come up with new ideas and use soldiers in their time off to work and do stupid things. i feel pretty tired already, but i took a shower and now im ready to go back to bed and sleep for a few. i will need a energy drink for sure, cause when 10pm comes around, i am going to be real tired. i haven’t talk to my wife yet. yesterday i overheard that we are going home very soon, in novemeber but i wont say the date exact. when i told a buddy of mine that i am counting down the days, the samee-7 said “how did you come up with that date??” and he pointed at me…i was like, “i been counting down the dates to go home, since june! you even told me NOT to do it, because it slows down time, something i strongly disagree” and he went about his business…suppoosely, the date i had in mind, it’s the exact date we getting out of this piece of land, so i struck a nerve on him, cause he knows, but wont tell the soldiers, and i just happen to know (i heard a very high ranking officer taking about the date we are leaving to another high ranking officer) so, it was just that…i didnt told this jack-ass that, i just said the number was my favorite number and i been counting down the days waaayyyy before, so im not sure why he acted all surprised. he even asked me where i heard such date, and i kept my word on guessing, and it’s my fanorite number….screw him, idea fairy!


im done for now, will check back later,…i just dropped off my laundry and i want to go back to my room and finish Harry potter and the sorcerers stone, im staring to watch ALL harry potter movies, since yesterday, i got this marathon going on…so far, i get the plot, so far…i just hope i dont get lost in them movies since there are so many of them. peace out.

Just another day…

i just signed up on this site, to just rant and write whatever i want….afghanistan and the unit i am in, are draining the life out of me, im trying to stay positive and focus, but i think writing, will be some kind of medium, to fkn spend some ammo of words around without actually not hurting anyone. im tired, it’s 1:21am, my wife actually told me not to start a blog, that i might end up in jail, but…i didnt listen and here i am….tomorrow i have an early day, and this e-7, wants me to go and wait by the “gate”…and i ask another nco, (non-commisioned officer) and he says that we will fill sand bags…i told him i was not picking them up for anyone…i’ll explain later why i cant lift…but i have to go, somehow i have to part of this detail (work). tomorrow will be, just another day, like how today was…actually, tomorrow, is today, ugghh…forget it, im to tired to even think what day it was…peace out.