Just another day…

i just signed up on this site, to just rant and write whatever i want….afghanistan and the unit i am in, are draining the life out of me, im trying to stay positive and focus, but i think writing, will be some kind of medium, to fkn spend some ammo of words around without actually not hurting anyone. im tired, it’s 1:21am, my wife actually told me not to start a blog, that i might end up in jail, but…i didnt listen and here i am….tomorrow i have an early day, and this e-7, wants me to go and wait by the “gate”…and i ask another nco, (non-commisioned officer) and he says that we will fill sand bags…i told him i was not picking them up for anyone…i’ll explain later why i cant lift…but i have to go, somehow i have to part of this detail (work). tomorrow will be, just another day, like how today was…actually, tomorrow, is today, ugghh…forget it, im to tired to even think what day it was…peace out.


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